A new level of sound from vinyl that’s simply out of this world

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LP12_SE_Radikal_Urika_Moon.jpgThe famed LP12 SE upgrades continue with two astounding new additions for the Sondek LP12 - Radikal, a DC motor upgrade, and Urika, an internal phono stage.

Together these new products represent a completely new way of powering and amplifying the Sondek LP12, so you get even more value from your record collection by revealing a new level of performance that's simply out of this world.

Radikal features a DC motor with incredible performance, extremely low levels of electromagnetic interference and a speed management system that provides a new level of rotational accuracy.

Urika is Linn's first internal phono stage, featuring dual mono circuitry and incredible signal integrity from a new optimised design.

Contact your Linn Turntable Specialist to arrange your demo or view the Radikal and Urika product pages for further information. Look out for forthcoming events near you.