Stereophile awestruck by new Linn Majik

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Majik_109_Loudspeaker_White_Cracked.jpgRespected Specialist Audio publication, US-based Stereophile, is the latest audience to be stunned by the musical, room-filling sound of our Majik 109 bookshelf loudspeaker.

Robert J. Reina declared, ‘I first cranked up the Majik 109s during my annual Christmas Eve seafood and wine feast…the medieval carols…were reproduced by the Linns in organic, silky, holographic, and uncolored verisimilitude.

'I found myself staring at the speakers, awestruck at their realism, which forced me to pay attention.'

‘One of the 109’s strongest qualities was that music emerged from the speakers in an effortless, linear, organic fashion at all frequencies.

‘With a bookshelf speaker this small, one concern is always the quality of the bass reproduction. Not a problem with the Majik 109…Through the Linn, Warren’s [Dejohnette] bass had the ideal blend of wood, warmth, snap, and sustain, and every note sounded complete: rounded, unblunted, and uncolored, with plenty of heft in the bottom register.

‘In all my 25-plus years of reviewing, I have never heard any other speaker at any price whose high frequencies sounded more natural than those of the Linn Majik 109. With every recording I played, the highs were detailed, pure, uncolored, and extended, with plenty of top-octave air. That purity was so far beyond what I’ve heard from other speakers anywhere near the Linn’s price that it seemed as if I were listening to master tapes through the Majik 109s, but hearing only second-generation dubs through all those other speakers.

‘The Majik 109 was a wonderful speaker for comparing the techniques of different jazz drummers…The reproduction of every thwack of Nelson’s mallets had just the right amount of hardness and thunk, along with gorgeous shimmering decay.

‘My percussive obsession with the Majik 109 was driven by its flawless reproduction of high-frequency transients.  Each was lightning-fast, with no trace of overshoot or hardness, and the 109 paradoxically revealed tons of HF detail in the hairier transient passages while simultaneously retaining the laid-back “background” quality of the highs.

‘I was thrilled with every minute I spent with the Linn Majik 109. It’s an attractive, affordable, well-made bookshelf speaker with a level of high-frequency reproduction that far exceeds everything near its price.'

Read the full review here or see the May 2009 issue of Stereophile, available to buy now.