‘Downloading is the future of music’

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Klimax_DS_System.jpgLinn recently received fantastic coverage in the FT How to Spend it magazine, in an article about high quality downloads.


David Cheal writes, ‘And for audiophiles, many of whom have hitherto taken refuge in the warm glow of vinyl, there is now the prospect of music that is better than CD quality, but which, tantalisingly, has the breadth and depth and detail of a studio master tape. The superior download has arrived.’


‘Of course, this music must be heard on proper equipment to get the benefit of all this extra digital information...


‘…a demonstration of Linn’s Klimax digital streamer…was similarly stunning. I heard a song by jazz singer Claire Martin in three formats: MP3, CD and Studio Master. Each was a huge step forward but the Studio Master version was sensational…I wasn’t listening to a hi-fi system, I was listening to pure music. Breathtaking.’


‘…what’s certainly true is that this is not just another niche area being colonised by equipment-fetishists and knob-twiddlers: it’s about hearing the music as it was meant to be heard, in all its detail and warmth, as naked as the day it was born.’


FT How to Spend It, UK, 8th May 2009.