Radikal and Urika secure top spot in Germany

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LP12_SE_Exploded_Radikal_Urika.jpgTop German hi-fi magazines, Audio, Stereoplay and Stereo, are unanimous in naming the new LP12 SE with Radikal and Urika as the new reference standard for analogue record players.

Here's what they had to say:

Audio: '...World-class sound from a record player that actually looks like a turntable, that sports legendary reliability and will be serviced in decades to come - the LP12 is all you can wish for, and don't you pay more...Radically ingenious - it marks the very top of all turntables we have ever test...'

Stereoplay: '...The new LP12 plays in a class all of its own...There can only be one verdict: sole reference...'

Stereo: 'a sidereal hour in record playback...The Radikal/Urika LP12 literally outacts our reigning reference turntable, the 'old' LP12 SE...Simply magnificent!'

And for the Urika, some special praise from Audio: '...no doubt one of the very best pre-amps in the world...Slightly better than even our current reference, the Naim Superline + Supercap...'