Linn Dynamik has arrived

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The new Linn Dynamik power supply is quite simply the most significant and comprehensive product update we've ever implemented. The arrival of Linn Dynamik makes investing in a Linn system even better value than ever before.

Linn Dynamik is now powering many products across all Linn ranges (look for Powered by Linn Dynamik on the base). This brand new design powers these products more effectively, reducing noise levels and optimising audio performance. So you hear even more of what matters - the music.

Linn owners can upgrade their existing products to enjoy this new Dynamik level of performance from your system.

To hear this new benchmark in Linn system performance for yourself, book your place now at one of our Dynamik Summer events during August and early September.

Plus, this summer, Linn owners can take advantage of an unbeatable offer.