New performance benchmark powered by Linn Dynamik

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Linn's world-renowned musical performance has just got even better and it's coming soon to your Linn Specialist. The new Linn Dynamik Power Supply sets new benchmarks across the Linn range, redefining system performance and delivering even more value from your cherished hi-fi.

Linn Dynamik powers the product more effectively whilst optimising audio performance and reducing noise levels further to ensure you hear more of what matters most - the music.

Linn Dynamik is the most cost effective investment you can make right now to radically transform the performance of your system.

Linn owners can also enjoy this amazing new level of clarity from their existing system with a simple upgrade.

Products featuring Linn Dynamik will start arriving in shops this month - contact your Linn Specialist to find out when they'll have the latest system on demonstration so you can hear the difference for yourself.

Look out for Powered by Linn Dynamik on new Linn components and discover why everyone is getting Dynamik.

The following products will be updated with Linn Dynamik:

  • Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS
  • Akurate CD, Unidisk 1.1, Unidisk SC
  • Classik Music, Classik Movie
  • All Akurate and Majik power amplifiers (inc. Majik I)
  • Klimax loudspeakers
  • Klimax Kontrol, Akurate Kontrol




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