Special preview of Cara in Linn DS online Q&A

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KinskyDesktop_Screenshot_Preview.jpgThe hotly anticipated online Q&A session for Linn DS will take place on Thursday 23rd July 2009, 7pm BST (6pm GMT).

Quiz the key Linn engineers who developed the finest digital source in the world, through a live question and answer session.

Preview our brand new graphical user interface, KinskyDesktop, and find out more about the imminent release of the Linn DS Cara software.

KinskyDesktop lets you control your Linn DS player from your PC or Mac and features album art and enhanced track information, easy drag-and-drop playlist management, a new Kompact mode for busy desktops...all wrapped up in a striking new Linn aesthetic.

Cara enables Shuffle and Repeat, AAC support allowing easier iTunes integration, Jukebox mode for controlling playlists via remote handset, improved radio coverage including a BBC podcast plugin, web-based configuration and improved network discovery and reliability.

On the night we'll be discussing the new features and revealing tips and tricks for getting the most out of the new Cara release. We'd love to hear about your listening experiences and any innovative ways you've integrated Linn DS within your home.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in a live Linn DS community event and help drive the future of DS - register your e-mail address below for an event reminder.

Our first online Q&A session on the LP12 SE upgrades was a great success (you can replay the event here if you missed it).