New Cara software revolutionises Linn DS experience

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KinskyDesktop_HP.jpg The next generation of Linn DS software has arrived, making Linn DS easier to use than ever before.

Ask your retailer to upgrade your Linn DS system to Cara and enjoy improved sound quality and a host of new features.

Album Art and drag-and-drop playlist support makes browsing your entire music collection a simple pleasure with Linn KinskyDesktop.

KinskyDesktop is a brand-new interface with a distinctly Linn look and feel, and includes Kompact Mode to ensure you're always in control.

With Jukebox and Direct Play, selecting and playing music has never been as easy or as rewarding.

iTunes integration is improved with AAC support and the new Plug-ins framework opens up a world of new online content streamed directly to your DS player, like BBC radio podcasts.

To experience a new audio nirvana with Linn DS, make sure you're running Cara on a system powered by Linn Dynamik.

You can download Cara software from the Linn website if you're comfortable installing and configuring it yourself.