Digital streaming marks the end of an era for Linn CD players

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Klimax_DS_System.jpgAfter 20 years designing and manufacturing world-class CD players, Linn will stop production of CD players at the end of 2009.

At Linn we have always been wholly committed to making systems that push the boundaries and deliver the highest possible audio performance. When we launched our first digital stream player, the flagship Klimax DS, we did so only once we had proven comprehensively that it outperformed the iconic Sondek CD12, our former reference digital source, in every way.

This development saw Linn DS far exceed what was possible with traditional CD playing technology, both in terms of its audio performance and the convenience. Linn DS is now firmly established as the future of music and the only way to get the very best from your CD collection and enjoy downloads of the highest possible quality.

Today, we have a wide range of Linn DS players designed to meet the needs of every music lover, from Klimax DS - the pinnacle of audio perfection - to the recently launched no-compromise one-box Majik DS-I.

Put your CD player to the test against a Linn DS player at a Linn Specialist near you.

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