Take the DS Challenge at a Linn event near you

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Hero_DS_Challenge.jpgThe only way to get the very best from your CD collection is to hear it through a Linn DS player.

Hear the difference for yourself and enjoy more music than you ever thought possible - bring along your CDs, or even your CD player, to one of our many events taking place at a Linn Specialist near you and experience your CD collection as never before.

Unlike a CD player, Linn DS gives you dynamic control of all your music and lets you access downloads of higher than CD quality music (Studio Master downloads - find out more and get free music).

If you can’t make it to one of the events below, your Linn Specialist will be happy to arrange a personal demonstration at a time that suits you.

Wed 25th Nov Hi-fi Cinema, Berkshire > Details
Thu 26th Nov Oliver James, London > Details
Thu 3rd Dec House of Linn, Manchester > Details
Wed 9th Dec Stereo Stereo, Glasgow > Details
Thu 10th Dec Peter Tyson, Carlisle > Details
Thu 10th Dec Rococo Systems, Essex > Details
Sat 12th Dec The Sound Gallery, High Wycombe > Details
Wed 16th Dec The Sound Organisation, York > Details
Wed 16th Dec Chris Brooks, Warrington > Details
Wed 30th Dec Cymbiosis, Leicester > Details
Wed 30th Dec Audio Designs, East Grinstead > Details
Wed 25th Nov Kontrapunkt, Norway
> Details
Thu 26th Nov Illusion Home Cinema, Spain > Details
Thu 26th Nov Son Alta Fidelidad, Spain > Details
Fri 27th Nov L'Audiophile, Luxembourg > Details
Fri 27th Nov Audio Oggi, Italy > Details
Fri 27th Nov HiFi Studio Achterholt, Germany > Details
Sat 28th Nov Audiotop, France > Details
Wed 2nd Dec Scala Hifi, Denmark > Details
Fri 4th Dec H&M Music, Switzerland > Details
Wed 9th Dec High Fidelity, Sweden > Details
Thu 10th Dec VBS & Partners, Italy > Details
Sat 12th Dec Art's Audio, Netherlands > Details
Sat 12th Dec Audio Excellence, Netherlands > Details
Wed 16th Dec Radiyole, Belgium > Details
Thu 17th Dec Stereo Types, Belgium > Details
Thu 17th Dec AudioXperience, Netherlands > Details
Sat 19th Dec Beter Beeld & Geluid, Netherlands > Details
Thu 28th Jan Sound Gallery, Netherlands > Details
Fri 12th Feb Aelive Hi-fi, Netherland > Details
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Thu 3rd Dec The Demo Room, New Zealand > Details
Sat 5th Dec Jim Tate Audio, Australia > Details