Majik DS-I blows the critics away with 5 star performances

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Majik_DS-I_Majik_109_Black.jpgLeading specialist hi-fi magazines in Germany have been raving about Linn's new Majik DS-I player and the world of Linn DS.

Stereo: 'UNIFICATION...Majik DS-I combines what the Streaming Generation has always been waiting for, a top integrated amplifier and an outstandingly musical network player...No comparable product comes close...It has to be heard to be believed...Value for Money: Sensational. 5 Stars.'

Audio: 'With gapless playback, support of even the highest sampling rates and an ever increasing number of additional functionalities and control solutions, Linn's DS platform - based on open software and interface standards - has been virtually without competition since its launch in 2007...Majik DS-I is one of the greatest...It offers a sound quality that even season reviewers rarely experience...Verdict: Outstanding. Reference Class. 5 Ears.'

stereoplay: Majik DS - 'sonic high-altitude flights guaranteed'; Akurate DS - 'without competition in its price class'; Klimax DS - 'the measure of all things digital'; 'At the end of this extensive DS group test we can say to the very best of our knowledge and belief: Linn are the definite upgradeosophs. With Cara you get more information and a bit more colour. For more musicality, expression, intonation, phrasing, power and rhythm you've got to have Dynamik'

Contact your Linn specialist to hear Majik DS-I.

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