A musical evening with William Orbit

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Thumbnail image for William Orbit.jpgLinn hosted an intimate evening with acclaimed music producer William Orbit in London this week. The event offered 70 guests a fascinating introduction to the world of Studio Master, the highest quality music download available, and gave an insight into the career of the illustrious genius.

In a discussion led by Linn Managing Director Gilad Tiefenbrun, William Orbit demonstrated exactly how the mp3 format can be very tiring to listen to as lines of music blend together but when listening to the Studio Master, bass lines become clear, rhythms stand out and individual notes have a shape to them. William advocated that whilst mp3 is convenient, higher quality files more closely resemble a live performance making listening a much more joyous experience.

Guests were also treated to another side of William Orbit - the composer. Understandably awkward listening to his own compositions, he likened choosing his favourite tracks to a parent choosing their favourite child. William spoke about the 12 years he spent crafting, building, mixing and re-mixing each piece on his latest album, My Oracle Lives Uptown, over and over, until it was perfect.

Tracks from My Oracle Lives Uptown were played on Linn’s LP12 turntable and Klimax DS player, with William identifying the secret vocalist on the third track, Optical Illusions, as Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. William revealed what it is like to work with other great artists including U2, Madonna and Pink, and also spoke about his most recent work producing Katie Melua’s new album. He also expressed a desire to work with Lady GaGa on a future collaboration!

The event was a resounding success with the audience all able to meet William and get a copy of his album signed.

A podcast of the event will be available online soon, check back for further details.

Find out what William has to say about it on Facebook.

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