Special Turntable Promotion available exclusively at ‘Unlock your Vinyl’ Events

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Radikal_Motor_Cap.jpgWe’re making it even easier for you to unlock more performance from your vinyl with a special turntable promotion available exclusively at ‘Unlock your Vinyl’ events.

You’ll receive 10% off selected turntable upgrades from Linn when purchased at any of our listed events*, including:

Your Linn turntable specialist is best placed to advise you on suitable upgrades for your turntable. Many will be hosting a Turntable Klinik during this period too, so you can bring along your turntable, get expert personalised advice, and compare it against the latest upgrades. We recommend that you also take this opportunity to get your deck serviced at this time.

There’s no better time to upgrade your turntable and unlock the full potential of your vinyl collection.

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* terms and conditions apply