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Wireless_Reinvented_Radio_DS.jpgRadio DS has arrived. This new functionality evolves a Linn DS player into a high performance radio with thousands of local, national and global internet radio stations available at the touch of a button.

Radio DS makes internet radio as easy as FM, with a mind-boggling choice of stations and the ability to assign up to 100 presets. This exciting new feature for DS players will not only introduce you to a whole host of new music, talk and sport, it will ensure favourites such as BBC Radio, Classic FM and Sky Radio are still at your fingertips.

Tune in to Linn’s new internet radio stations on your Linn DS for the finest listening experience. Linn Radio, Linn Jazz and Linn Classical stream uninterrupted music, 24 hours a day at the highest quality available online - 320kbps mp3.  They offer the opportunity to explore the wide variety of labels, artists and genres available from Linn Records, setting the perfect mood whether you’re having a dinner party or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This exciting new function is available now on all DS players. Many customers are already enjoying Radio DS and are delighted with the difference it’s made to their player.

‘Clearly the difference between BBC Radio 1-6 (48kbps), Classic FM (128kbps) and Linn Jazz (320kbps) is quite something!! The Majik DS works just like a Tuner for me now.’ *

‘As easy as having a tuner in your system’

‘The biggest free upgrade ever.’

Linn DS not only lets you discover new music on the radio. With higher quality playback of your CD collection and access to ‘better than CD’ Studio Master quality downloads, Linn DS is the ultimate music player for all music fans. What’s more, you can even expand your system to enjoy music throughout your home.

To arrange a demonstration of Radio DS and Linn DS, contact your local Linn specialist.

If you already own a DS player,
update your software to Cara 6 now, or contact your Linn specialist.

Linn has partnered with RadioTime to bring you the largest selection of radio stations worldwide.

Tune-in to Linn Radio.

*streaming rates shown for BBC Radio and Classic FM are lower as this customer was listening outside the UK.  Currently in the UK, some of these stations stream at up to 192kbps.