FT family business feature focuses on Linn

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Ivor_Gilad_Tiefenbrun.jpgLinn is thrilled to be featured in the latest edition of the Financial Times’ How to Spend It Magazine (11th June 2010) which leads with a fantastic piece by business writer, Jonathan Margolis, about modern British family businesses.

The feature is all about handing over the reigns to the next generation and includes an excellent profile of Linn, its founder Ivor Tiefenbrun and his son, and Managing Director, Gilad.

Throughout the article Jonathan considers the perception of family-run British brands, exploring first generation businesses where family members are keen to play a major role in the future of the company.

‘Across the world, brands that can boast both family-ness and British-ness carry an implicit extra guarantee of quality, integrity and continuity.’

‘…against all the odds, there are new companies, and highly successful ones, currently run by their founder and forging into the mid-21st century with every intention of remaining as family businesses.’

‘Linn has had a major revival in its fortunes and put into action Gilad’s own quite revolutionary pet project - making Linn the first hi-fi company to abandon CD players and move entirely to digital music.’

This piece delivers an interesting insight into Linn and the strategy that Linn’s father and son team have put in place to strengthen the company’s position for many years to come.

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