Love your Linn this Summer

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Thursday 17th June to Tuesday 17th August

Love_your_Linn_Promo.jpgLavish some love on your Linn Hi-Fi this Summer and prepare to fall in love with your music collection all over again with Linnís most flexible promotion ever.

Invest in any new Linn product from the Klimax, Akurate or Majik ranges* and instantly transform the performance of your system with the choice of either:

  • Going Aktiv: pioneered by Linn, enjoyed by customers for over 35 years and available as an upgrade for all Linn loudspeakers
  • Linn Dynamik, our latest and most advanced power supply upgrade ever
Aktiv loudspeaker technology delivers an incredible performance improvement with a simple and effective upgrade which is also perfect for those who have recently added a Linn DS to their set-up.

Dynamik will dramatically improve your listening experience by powering your product more effectively so you hear even more of what matters - the music. Upgrading to Dynamik is the single most effective way to improve the performance of your treasured Linn component.
To hear the difference that these upgrades will make to your system, and to audition our latest product range, visit your Linn Specialist.
*Terms and conditions apply.