Love Your Linn: Ask the experts

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Love_your_Linn_Promo.jpgThe Love Your Linn promotion lets you transform the performance of your system with free Aktiv and Dynamik upgrades.  Join us for a unique opportunity to get expert advice to help you decide which of these upgrades are right for you.

Linn engineers will be on hand to answer your questions during an online Q&A session on Wednesday 28th July from 7pm (BST).

The key engineers behind these technologies attending this session are Philip Budd, Senior Acoustic Engineer, who can answer your questions on Aktiv playback while Senior Hardware Design Engineer, Trevor Stacey, will be available for questions relating to the Linn Dynamik power supply upgrade.

With the Love Your Linn promotion, you can transform your existing Linn system with a free Aktiv or Dynamik upgrade when you purchase a product from the Klimax, Akurate or Majik range*. Offer ends Tuesday 17th August.

Don’t miss this chance to ask our experts about Linn’s most significant upgrades ever. Sign up for the online Q&A now:

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*Terms and conditions apply.