Stunning New Linn Akurate Unveiled

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New Linn Akurate System UnveiledThe hotly anticipated new Linn Akurate system is nearing completion and will be available to audition at your Linn Specialist from November. You can be one of the first to hear this glorious new dedicated separates system at one of our Akurate launch events.

An elegant new enclosure provides a distinct look and feel that reflects a new Akurate standard as the true performance choice for music lovers. The new enclosure offers a striking new look and is integral to a dramatic performance increase.

Major updates have also been made to the internal Akurate system design which significantly enhance the audio quality:

  • Akurate DS features a completely new audio board, re-designed for pure performance
  • Akurate Kontrol is a new dedicated analogue pre-amplifier designed from the ground up for exceptional stereo performance
  • Akurate Power Amplifiers receive an aesthetic and acoustic enhancement with the new enclosure
  • Balanced connections are available throughout the entire Akurate system enabling further improved system performance if desired

New Linn Akurate offers exceptional music reproduction, flexibility and upgradability. You can upgrade over time from passive single-wiring through to passive quin-amping, and on to the ultimate destination - a fully Aktiv Akurate system, the only way to ensure that every bit of musical detail is heard.

Linn Akurate 242 and 212 loudspeakers perfectly complement the new system. With new real-wood veneers available in standard and high gloss, as well as a bespoke colour service, there's a finish to suit all tastes.

Find a Klimax or Akurate SpecialistOur new Find a Retailer makes it easier than ever to find out where to audition the new Akurate system - look for Linn Specialists with the symbols K and A above their listing.

More information about the new Akurate system will be available online during early November. If you can't wait until then, contact your Linn Specialist now for further details on the new products.

The new Akurate system succeeds all original Akurate components. Anyone wishing to complete a system should contact their Linn Specialist as soon as possible to snap up remaining components, including the soon-to-be discontinued Akurate Tuner.

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New Linn Akurate DS (Black, front)

New Linn Akurate Kontrol (Black, front)New Linn Akurate 2200 (Black, front)