Akurate - the true performance choice for music lovers

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The wait is over... the new Linn Akurate system is now here.

Check out the new Akurate Music System and get detailed product information and technical specifications, with access to stunning gallery images showcasing the new components.

Better yet, get along to one of the New Linn Akurate Unveiled events happening throughout November and December at Linn Specialists worldwide to hear the results for yourself.

This dedicated stereo music system features a completely re-designed Akurate DS player which incorporates the latest DS functionality and performance within a stunning new precision-engineered enclosure.


Akurate Kontrol is a high performance stereo pre-amplifier which perfectly preserves every last musical detail from the finest sources, and the Akurate power amplifier is responsive and powerful enough for the most demanding music, delivering loud, complex passages and quiet interludes with equal precision.

Akurate loudspeakers combine advanced technologies and high-quality materials in a simple, elegant design for exceptional audio playback from beautifully finished speakers.

For a personal demonstration in the relaxed environment of a dedicated listening room, select the Arrange a Demo link from any of the Akurate product or system pages and we'll help arrange a private audition at one of our best retailers.


Linn Akurate - the true performance choice for music lovers.


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