Apple Mac and iTunes library support added for Linn DS

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Kinsky Desktop for MacPacked into a bumper release of new Linn DS software published today is the first official KinskyDesktop for Mac release, plus iTunes library support and enhanced radio features for all users. 

KinskyDesktop for Mac is now available, allowing Apple Mac users to select and play music from your Linn DS or iTunes library while building playlists and enjoying your favourite album artwork.

With all iTunes music formats* already supported by Linn you'll get immediate access to your favourite albums, all played back in the highest quality possible through your Linn DS player (which you can now fully configure using Konfig for Mac).iTunes 

iTunes Library 

Both Windows and Mac KinskyDesktop users can now play music from existing iTunes music collections on any Linn DS player.

Simply follow the iTunes icon from your KinskyDesktop homepage to select and play music from your entire iTunes library, with album artwork and playlists automatically shared and updated in the background.

Radio DS

Radio metadata is now added to your DS player, allowing you to identify what artist or track you're listening to from all compatible radio streams (including Linn Radio, of course).

Radio DS is further enhanced with our new Shoutcast plugin providing instant access to over 75 high-quality 320k stations (including everything from good old rock 'n' roll to some funky vocal house, with some classic reggae and dubstep along the way). A WFMU plugin also enables live and on-demand content from the longest running freeform ('no playlists') radio station in the USA.

For UK users we've also added a BBC plugin that makes the latest BBC radio podcasts and Listen Again broadcasts a simple click away whenever you want to listen.

Green DS

With all this extra listening we've thrown in reduced power consumption on all DS players when in standby or 'sleep' mode, letting you save that little bit extra on those rare occasions when you're not listening to great music.

How to upgrade DS SoftwareAdd in all the usual speed improvements and bugfixes (plus new versions of KinskyPDA, KinskyJukebox and KinskyPronto) and you'll see this is an essential upgrade for Linn DS users. 

Speak to your Linn Specialist for help upgrading (or purchasing...) or follow this upgrade guide if you're happy installing software yourself.

* excluding DRM formats