Now is the time to move from CD to DS

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CDS_AkurateDS_image.jpgUntil 31st January 2011, we’re offering 10% off Linn DS players* when you trade in your CD player.

In celebration of our recent Label of the Year honour at the prestigious Gramophone Awards for our innovation with Studio Master downloads and Linn DS players, we are making it even easier to experience the highest quality music in your home.

Motivated by our passion for music, Linn pioneered Studio Master downloads and Linn DS players in 2007 to enable people to enjoy original studio quality, just as the artist intended, at home. Other record labels have followed Linn’s lead and now there’s a huge variety of high resolution digital music available across all genres which is growing rapidly.

This Studio Master music can only be experienced to its full potential on a Linn DS player, so if you’re listening on anything else you’re missing out. Not only that, the quality of CD reproduction through a Linn DS player far surpasses that of a CD player, and offers greater convenience, reinvigorating your existing CD collection.

Make the move from CD to DS and start enjoying the highest quality music streaming, available at the touch of a button, for less.

Visit your Linn Specialist today to audition Linn DS against CD and find out why there’s never been a better time to move from CD to DS.

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