LP12 Forum Members enjoy live music at special Linn event

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Linn staff welcome LP12 forum members to the factoryFollowing our Linn DS Forum Day, it was the turn of our LP12 Forum Members to experience the famous Linn hospitality and enjoy an exclusive concert with Linn artist Fiona Mackenzie.

The anticipation began building as soon as Linn Managing Director Gilad Tiefenbrun posted in our Sondek LP12 Forum, inviting turntable owners and vinyl aficionados to the famous Linn Factory in Scotland for a day (and night) of discussion, music and revelry.

Guests began the day with an in-depth tour of all areas of the Richard Rogers-designed Linn Factory, with particular attention on the design and manufacture of the longest-lived hi-fi product still in production anywhere in the world.

Everyone got a chance to see how their favourite Linn products were built and tested, and in some cases meet the names behind their very own cherished components (every Linn product bears the name of the individual person responsible for building, testing and signing it off).

After a short detour to the Linn Canteen for some refreshments, LP12 engineers joined Linn founder Ivor Tiefenbrun and his son Gilad for a live Q&A session which was streamed live on Linn Radio and featured some fascinating insights into the history and development of the LP12 turntable from inception to present day.

Scottish singer-songwriter Fiona Mackenzie then took to the stage with her band and wowed everyone present (and listening online) with songs from her debut solo album Elevate (available in 24-bit Studio Master and 180 gram vinyl), reminding us all why we were gathered together under the one roof - a shared love of music.

The night continued long into the early hours at a city-centre bar and ended for many (no doubt) with a nightime lullaby or two at home on their cherished turntable (a whole day talking about the LP12 certainly gets you thinking about that first track you want to listen to on your return home).

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A Sondek LP12 platter is manufactured to sub-micron tolerancesManaging Director Gilad hosting the live Q&A sessionLinn artist Fiona Mackenzie on stage with her band