Radikal and Uphorik now powered by Dynamik

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New Linn Radikal in SilverDescribed on first listen by Ivor as 'simply the biggest improvement from an LP12 upgrade ever', Linn Radikal has now been updated with Dynamik performance

Linn engineers have adapted Dynamik technology to drive Radikal and Uphorik, bringing the 6th generation of a legendary power supply design to vinyl fans everywhere.

Dynamik powers components much more effectively by reducing noise interference and producing a clean supply of power which is truly optimised for audio performance. Why Dynamik?

New Linn Uphorik in BlackThe standard set previously by Radikal, Linn's recent DC motor upgrade for LP12 turntables, has been raised even further by this astonishing upgrade. And for an exceptional universal phono stage, audition Linn Uphorik to hear a new level of clarity from your prized vinyl collection.

Both components have also been updated with the stunning new enclosure first introduced with the new Akurate System. Or for the ultimate style statement, get Radikal in Linn's famed 'machined-from-solid-aluminium' enclosure to match the rest of your Klimax system.

New Linn Radikal machined from solid aluminium

Dynamik upgrades are available for all existing Radikal and Uphorik owners - contact your Linn Turntable Specialist to ensure you don't miss this chance to get even more enjoyment from your music.

New and old Radikal and Uphorik owners alike have been enjoying their favourite vinyl albums like never before - find out what they have to say on the upgrades in the Linn Forum.

Better yet, get yourself along to a Linn Turntable Specialist and remind yourself why you feel in love with vinyl.

Why not treat your turntable to some sumptious 180g vinyl from Linn Records?