Back to the Future with Majik Isobarik

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Majik IsobarikA new chapter is due to be written in Linn loudspeaker design with the inspired re-invention of a classic design.

Featuring a unique isobaric bass system which produces rich, deep bass from a relatively compact cabinet, Majik Isobarik is an ingenious reconstruction of a much-loved loudspeaker.

Launched in 1973, the original Isobarik loudspeaker featured twin bass drivers which worked together to improve bass extension, a patented technique which went on to feature in Linn favourites such as Sara and Keltik.

The new Majik Isobarik applies knowledge gained from over 35 years of speaker development at Linn and combines a complete redesign of Isobarik bass technology with the latest advances in high frequency reproduction.

More information on Majik Isobarik will appear soon with loudspeakers available to demo at Linn Specialists worldwide from June (first units are now shipping though so please check with your Linn Specialist for availability). 

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