Epic new Klimax standard soon to be revealed

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New Linn Klimax DS in Black

Improving a great design is always a challenge, which is why we're delighted with the epic new standard in musical reproduction set by the new Klimax Music System.

The new Klimax DS brings 4 years of Linn DS development back full circle to the original source, with a completely redesigned audio board significantly lowering distortion, jitter and noise floor even further.

It's taken us over a decade but we're delighted to announce some incredible improvements to two legendary power amplifier designs. New Klimax Solo and Klimax Twin amplifiers feature the latest generation of Dynamik technology and offer increased power and reduced distortion.

New Linn Klimax DS in Silver

For Klimax DS owners we've taken the unprecedented and innovative step of creating a Renew DS upgrade package which re-uses your existing Klimax DS audio board in a custom-built enclosure (shown below right), making a second Linn DS player for your home.

Now available in black as well as silver, all Klimax components are perfectly machined from a single billet of aluminium and polished to a velvet-touch finish for the ultimate in precision-engineered style.

To hear the astounding new Klimax Music System for yourself at upcoming New Linn Klimax events, and for more detail on these exciting developments and a range of upgrade options, contact your Linn Klimax Specialist now.

New Renew DS Enclosure

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