Isobarik remastered for deep bass and clean highs

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Majik Isobarik in Rosenut

Anticipation has been rapidly building online since we announced the inspired return of a much-loved Linn technology with the new Majik Isobarik loudspeaker.

The original Linn Isobarik loudspeaker was released in 1973 - over 35 years later we bring you a modern interpretation which embodies all of our development experience since.

Majik Isobarik generates the same bass extension as a cabinet enclosure twice the size, by using twin bass drivers acting together to reduce distortion and generate greater levels of bass.

Ingeniously mounted within the base of the cabinet and down-firing through the plinth, this modern re-invention of Linn's original Isobarik technology proves that good designs don't die, they evolve.

With Linn's latest 2K driver array acting as a single-point source to reduce high frequency distortion and improve dispersion throughout the room, Majik Isobarik is a speaker which excels with all types of music and in all listening environments. 

Majik Isobarik Product Information Sheet

Choose the Isobarik Aktiv option and enjoy cleaner, deeper bass through improved timing and control. Mid and high frequencies are also improved greatly as reduced electronic interaction within the crossover lowers distortion.

Isobarik Aktiv uses only one extra amplification channel per speaker and is a simple way to significantly improve performance and a first step towards the nirvana of fully Aktiv!

Exceptionally finished in your choice of real wood veneer with a huge range of high gloss options and colours, Majik Isobarik loudspeakers are hand-crafted to the same standard as bespoke pieces of furniture.

For full product info, including technical specifications and photography, visit the Majik Isobarik page or contact your Linn Specialist for a personal listening demonstration.