Songcast heralds new era for Linn multiroom

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Using Songcast in KinskyDesktopSongcast for Linn DS marks a new era for Linn multiroom as the digitally connected home of the future becomes reality.

Songcast lets you stream audio around your home at exceptional quality and perfectly synchronised, giving you the freedom to move from room to room and still enjoy your favourite music.

In fact, whatever you enjoy listening to can be shared across all DS players in the home. From playlists, your iTunes library content, internet radio stations or podcasts through to your favourite TV programme or movie streamed from any source connected to a Linn DS player with inputs (Majik DS-I or Sekrit DS-I) - you won’t miss a second as you move from room to room.

This is a music system which can make a real difference to the way you and your family live your life, and the good news is that if you already own a Linn DS player you’re most of the way there.

With Linn DS Multiroom there’s no need for special equipment racks full of boxes, dedicated controllers and complex software programming.  Everyone with two or more Linn DS players is ready to Songcast - simply download the latest software and you’re ready to go.

The incredible flexibility of Linn DS Multiroom means that you can add rooms or upgrade the performance of individual rooms over time, building a music system around your life.  

With no limit to the number of controllers you can have, and a growing number of control apps on the latest mobile platforms, you can pick the ideal set of controllers for your family or simply turn your own touchscreen tablets or phones into controllers.

How to get Songcast
Songcast is a feature of the latest Davaar software for Linn DS. New Linn DS players automatically include this software, and existing DS players and controllers can be easily upgraded to take advantage of the latest features.

The latest DS software also includes a stylish new user interface across the Kinsky range of control software and improved handling of recordings with excessive dynamic range compression.

New versions of KinskyDesktop are now available for PC and Mac (also available from the AppStore), along with KinskyPDA, KinskyJukebox and KinskyPronto.

Updated control apps from other suppliers which include Songcast compatibility are also widely available for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android.

For help upgrading your DS player and controllers, please contact your Linn Specialist, who will update your system to the latest standard and demonstrate the latest functionality. If you are happier upgrading your DS system yourself, please follow our How to upgrade DS Software guide.

Linn Knekt owners can take advantage of the great improvements in performance and control now available by contacting their Multiroom Specialist to find out how to upgrade their Knekt system to enjoy the benefits of a new Linn DS Multiroom system.