Camp Bestival-goers enjoy classic albums with Linn

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Colleen introduces a classic album 

Over 250 music fans attending Camp Bestival in Dorset last weekend joined us at the Classic Album Sundays Played on Linn listening sessions where musical masterpieces were played in their full glory from start to finish on a fully-loaded Sondek LP12 Klimax system.

Housed in the spectacular 17th Century Lulworth Castle, the event provided an oasis for festival-goers.  Attendees were able to kick off their wellies, lie back and enjoy 2 hours of pure audio pleasure.  One delighted visitor commented that the session had been ‘the icing on the cake of a very entertaining Camp Bestival’.

Classic Album Sundays

Torchlight DJ

Classic Album Sundays founder and DJ, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy played a selection of related music in the lead-up to each feature album before introducing it with a ‘behind the scenes’ story of the band and their classic album.

Over the three days nine different albums were played spanning a range of music genres, including Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, Massive Attack - Blue Lines, KLF - Chill Out and Bob Marley - Exodus.  An extra session for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was added to the line-up due to the high demand.

Bestival 2011

Join us at our next event at Bestival from 8th - 11th September, where the album line-up will feature classics from pop stars, rock stars and divas, including The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds, Grace Jones - Nightclubbing, PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, and back by popular demand: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.

Behind The Scenes

As a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, who in her short lifetime left us the classic album ‘Back to Black’, why not join other music fans on Sunday 7th August for the Living to Music listening session at home.