Linn Kinsky is now available for iPad and iPhone

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Kinsky for iPad now available

Linn's own DS control app, Kinsky, is now available as a free download from the AppStore.

Get wireless control of your Linn DS player from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Browse your music collection by album artwork, select albums, artists or songs and change volume, all with your fingertips.

Discover new music from a wide selection of internet radio streams and podcasts. Create playlists to suit your mood or for special events.

Go Multiroom with Songcast

Kinsky for iPhone, Now Playing and Source Selection

Take advantage of the latest Songcast feature to stream music from one Linn DS to another, sharing whatever you're listening to across your home.

You can even use Songcast to stream vinyl or tv - anything you have connected to a Majik DS-I or Sekrit DS-I can be shared.

Get Kinsky

Kinsky is compatible with all Linn DS players running the latest software (Davaar) and can be used alongside any other desktop or third party control apps.

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Download directly from the AppStore or follow the links from the Linn website.

Kinsky now available on AppStore