New software for Linn DS makes your computer and phone sound better

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Linn's Songcast app

We get sound from so many places these days - music, movies and games; computers, tablets and phones. You need to be able to get the best from it all.

This new software update from Linn simplifies how you enjoy music at home, letting you experience all of it through your Linn DS System and share it round your home.

Make your computer sound better

Simply install the Songcast app on your PC or Mac and every sound you’d normally hear through your computer speakers can now be Songcasted to your Linn DS and enjoyed in glorious Linn quality.

From music accessed in iTunes, stored on hard-drives or streamed from online services such as Spotify and, to TV and movie content from Blu-Ray or DVD discs, downloads and web services such as YouTube and iPlayer - Linn DS makes it all sound great.

Make your phone or tablet sound better

Because Songcast is now interoperable with Airplay, any sound your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad makes can also be experienced in Linn quality.

Angry Birds has never sounded so good…and your friends can join in too, DJ’ing from their personal devices to your Linn DS System.

Songcast shares it all

And, of course, anything you listen to on your Linn can be shared with another room. With Songcast you can share it across your entire home network and listen anywhere without sacrificing quality.

How to upgrade

Every player in the the Linn DS family can be upgraded and the Songcast app is available here.

For help upgrading, please contact your Linn Specialist or follow our upgrade guide