New Majik DSM with HDMI packs a powerful punch

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Majik system

Now with HDMI, the new Majik DSM is a genuine room-filling music system that improves everything you listen to at home.

Make music, movies, games, TV and radio sound incredible and connect all your sources together with Majik DSM.

Enjoy all the benefits of Linn DS from a music system that packs a powerful punch thanks to Dynamik and Chakra technology.

Making everything sound better

With all the inputs you need to connect your turntable, Blu-Ray player, HD TV, games console…just add speakers and anything you listen to at home will sound better.

Songcast simplifies how you listen at home, letting you listen to iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Netflix from the comfort of your sofa and also share great sound all round your home.

As well as getting you away from your computer, Majik DSM plays nicely with AirPlay too - send any sound from your iPad or iPhone to your system to instantly enjoy your favourite music in glorious Linn quality.

When can I hear it?

Look out for the new Majik DSM coming soon to a Linn shop near you or contact your retailer for more info before the official launch later this month.

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