Go Kiko!

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Get going with the new Kiko system and listen to your favourite music in brilliant Linn sound quality within minutes.

Linn’s new Setup Wizard helps you connect the Kiko system together and our new Songbox Media Server makes your iTunes music instantly available to play on your Linn.

We’ve also updated the Songcast app to make it even easier to play music on your Linn using iTunes, Spotify, iPlayer - whatever your favourite app or online service is.

These updates make getting started with Kiko - or any Linn DSM player - as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Start me up

The Linn Setup Wizard makes installing the new Kiko system a piece of cake.

Download Setup Wizard and run through a simple step-by-step guide which shows every connection, downloads the latest software for your system and checks it’s all working perfectly together.

Within minutes you’ll be listening to a 24-bit Studio Master music sample through your new system. 

The Setup Wizard works for all Linn DSM players, making it easy to get any new system connected and up-and-running in no time.

New Linn software

Linn’s new Songbox Media Server is perfect for anyone who uses iTunes. It gives you a way to instantly play and improve your collection through a Linn system.

Songbox runs in the background and automatically shares your iTunes music library, podcasts and playlists with Kinsky.

Songcast is the only app that lets you listen to any music or video content through your hi-fi, and gets a major update too. Improve your favourite apps and online streaming services - anything from Napster and Netflix to SoundCloud and and last.fm.

You can now control volume from within the Songcast app and weaker networks are handled better and more reliably.

Download Songbox and Songcast today and give your music system the free upgrade it deserves.
Using your system

To help you get going with these exciting new ways to use your Linn, we’ve created How-To web articles that should answer any questions you might have.

The Using your system section shows how to get the best from any Linn system, with step-by-step instructions, improved support links and article feedback. 

Try a System

To try Kiko - or any Linn system - visit our Try a System page and we’ll organise a listening session for you at a Linn shop near you.

Find out more about Linn’s range of network music players and discover how digital streaming works. Everything sounds better with Linn.