Kiko wins 5 star reviews

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Kiko_study_close_RGB_1024.jpgOur latest network music system, Kiko, has been storming the market with 5 star reviews from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Stuff and the Mail on Sunday Live magazine.

Praising Kiko as ‘the best digital music "streamer" ever’ the Mail on Sunday describes our new system as ‘future proof’ and ‘a sublime piece of Linn kit’ that is ‘made to fit in nicely with your décor’.

Stuff celebrates Kiko as a hot new digital streaming solution, stating; ‘Sleek, compact and with an excellent sound, Kiko looks like a winner for style victims and streaming fanatics alike’.

Also commending Kiko as ‘Sleek, stylish, and fun to use’ What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision believe this Linn DS system to be ‘bang on the money’, noting that ‘the sound is big, confident and easy to listen to while at the same time drawing you into the music.’

Kiko works straight out of the box and is simple enough for everyone to use. Check out What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision’s ‘Linn Kiko unboxing’ video and discover just how easy Kiko is to get going with our step-by step Setup Wizard.

Read these 5 star reviews in full or discover the exceptional sound quality for yourself at a Linn retailer near you.