Linn leads debate on Future of Music at Reeperbahn

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This year our Managing Director, Gilad Tiefenbrun, was invited to Reeperbahn music festival to talk about the importance of high quality sound in today’s music market. Gilad has a passion for high resolution music, seeking to enrich people’s lives with great sound throughout the home.

Set within the bustling music metropolis of Hamburg, Reeperbahn is an upcoming festival that features over 250 exciting new acts and plays host to a number of influential seminars and workshops from leading music industry professionals across the globe.

Gilad led a captivating discussion, questioning the future of digital music and criticising the convenience over quality mantra brought about by the internet age. In a society that is used to everything being instantly available, convenience has overruled the importance of top quality sound and this poses an intense problem for the music industry.

When the digital age dawned with the launch of the CD in the early 1980s, and later compressed MP3 files, we were promised ‘pure, perfect, sound forever’. Music industry profits rose dramatically as a result, however this revolutionary shift marked the demise of music quality and ultimately led to the music industry crisis present today. Tracks were squashed into inferior formats, altering the original studio recording and sacrificing the dynamic range and subtle delicacies of the music. Gilad notes;

‘It’s never been more important to record music at the highest quality. We can now listen to music at the same quality it was recorded at in the studio. The only way forward is for the industry to make 24-bit Studio Master music recordings that capture the full performance and provide these as downloads. That means a deeper emotional connection with music for everyone.’

In today’s fast-paced, technology-obsessed environment it seems that the quest for top quality listening has been usurped by an increasing desire for music streaming convenience.  There is no doubt that the accessibility of music is greater now than it ever has been and this is a fantastic advancement. Digital downloads have revolutionised the entire music industry. With Spotify and YouTube at our fingertips we can listen to our favourite artists, long-lost tracks or the latest bands within a few simple seconds. But unfortunately, for the average listener, this tends to mean a compromise on quality. The digital age has lost touch with the deeply personal and emotional experience of great sound.

A desire to recapture the intricate subtleties in every recording inspired Gilad to search for a digital solution that would unleash the true sound of each track. Adapting alongside the music industry’s technological advances and a consumer demand for convenience, Linn systems play all digital music but in the highest resolution possible. A Linn system brings music to life in its full glory - transcending the limitations of the CD and making everything sound better.

It’s essential that the music industry moves forward to combine high resolution sound with the increased convenience of digital music. It’s about time that we enjoyed the best quality from everything we listen to.

Visit our Facebook page to see some great pictures from Gilad’s talk as well as Linn’s Listening Lounge event, where Gilad was joined with a guest performance from the foot stomping Scottish folk/rock band Admiral Fallow. You can even hear the difference of Studio Master music for yourself with a free download of Admiral Fallow’s hit song ‘Old Balloons’.