What Hi-Fi? award Kiko 'Best Streaming System'

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What Hi-fi name Kiko Best System

It seems like only yesterday that we launched our latest network music system, Kiko, but we are delighted to announce today that it won ‘Best Streaming System, £2,000 +’ in the prestigious What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2012.

After months of deliberation and thousands of hours spent testing the ‘best of the best’, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision have picked Kiko as ‘best-in-class’. Check out their 5 star review where they declare Kiko ‘bang on the money.’

Everyone’s raving about Kiko, with 5 star reviews streaming in from tech experts and music fans across the globe, including Mail on Sunday, What Hi-Fi?, Slashgear and Stuff.

Everyone loves Kiko

Spot the Kiko

Kiko was awarded ‘Product of the Month’ in the Gramophone Awards 2012. Praising the ‘neat Setup Wizard’, Gramophone noted that ‘Kiko was up and running in about 10 minutes flat’, making it the ideal hi-fi for the modern customer.

Convenient and compact, Gramophone explain that this ‘seriously cute system’ can play ‘everything from bargain-basement MP3 right up to 192kHz/24-bit hi-res audio’.

Hi-Fi Choice have also offered a superb 5 star review, selecting Kiko as Editors Choice. After rigorous sound testing, they declared Kiko ‘a genuine success’ that is both ‘spellbinding and a true pleasure to listen to’ and makes ‘any song compelling and involving to hear.’

And it’s not just music that sounds incredible with Kiko. Tech magazine T3 love our latest network music player, describing it as an attractive and versatile system that ‘can also beef up your TV’s sound output, connecting via HDMI’, while Stuff have written another impressive 5 star review stating that Kiko is a great ‘hub for a cinema system as well as just a hi-fi.’

Kiko looks as good as it sounds

Kiko in Baby Blue

Cute, colourful, and compact, Kiko is a music system that fits perfectly into your home, providing everything you need for great sound in any room.

Enjoy crystal clear quality from all your favourite music, movies and games, plus get better sound from apps such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or Netflix. Control it all from a laptop, tablet or phone.

The Linn Kiko system includes the Kiko DSM network music player, a Linn DS player with fully integrated amplification, and bookshelf Kiko speakers. Kiko is available in 6 different colours.

Learn more about Kiko and hear the difference for yourself at a retailer near you.

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'Linn Kiko takes Airplay up a level' -Slashgear

'Sleek, compact and with an excellent sound, Kiko looks like a winner for style victims and streaming fanatics alike' - Stuff

'Sweet streams are made of this'- Mail on Sunday

'Sleek, stylish and fun to use, Kiko also has the performance to impress' - What Hi-Fi?