Introducing Sneaky DSM - the newest addition to our Linn DS family

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If you’re thinking about getting into streaming, Sneaky DSM is a great place to start.  Designed to get better sound from all your home entertainment sources, Sneaky DSM has everything you need in one slim box - just add your loudspeakers and plug it into your home network.

An all-purpose streamer, Sneaky DSM not only plays all music at exceptional quality - CDs, downloads, online content, internet radio - it makes movies, games and TV sound better than ever too.

Connect to your world
Songcast simplifies how you listen at home, letting you listen to iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Netflix from the comfort of your sofa and also share great sound all round your home.

As well as getting you away from your computer, Sneaky DSM plays nicely with AirPlay - send any sound from your iPad or iPhone to your system and instantly enjoy your favourite music in glorious Linn quality.

Puts you in control
Browse artwork, create playlists and control all your music with a device you already love.  Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet, PC or Mac - even the humble remote - mix and match to let everyone in the family pick their own favourite way to control Sneaky DSM.

Enjoy great sound everywhere
The beauty of the network is you can start with a Sneaky DSM in one room then expand into more rooms with more systems whenever you like, letting you stream music throughout your home. Each room can pick its own soundtrack or you can play the same music everywhere, so parties no longer remain in the kitchen!

Where can I hear it?
Available in 3 finishes - black, silver and white - Sneaky DSM adds style to any room, making everything you listen to at home sound better.

To hear the great sound of Sneaky DSM for yourself, contact your retailer or find a shop near you.  You'll get a chance to listen to some of your favourite songs - 10 minutes or 2 hours - we'll make sure you get as much listening time as you like.