Presenting Amy Winehouse at our latest Linn events

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Join us for Linn Lounge presents Amy Winehouse, where we’ll be celebrating the legendary career of one of Britain’s most fearless celebrities. With life cut short at only 27, Amy Winehouse had already achieved more ups and downs than most can expect in a lifetime. Let us take you on a musical journey, uncovering the life, loves and motivations beneath the beehive.

We’ll be listening to Amy’s posthumous album ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’, featuring previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions of existing classics as well as a couple of brand new Amy compositions. Played in Studio Master - the highest quality download available - you’ll discover the true sound of the music, exactly as it was recorded.

In today’s fast paced and frenzied environment we often forget to set aside quality listening time. Moments when we can focus our attention entirely on the great sound of our favourite artist or the hidden delights of a well-loved melody.

Our Linn Lounge events give you the chance to hear great music from some iconic artists on a Linn system, while also learning about their motivations and creative influences.

You’ll also get the chance to hear some of your favourite music. Whether it's the latest Studio Master download, a track from Spotify or even a movie, Linn systems get the best sound from everything you listen to at home.

There’ll be Linn staff on hand to answer any of your questions, and a selection of tasty snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed.

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