New Kandid is the best sounding cartridge we've ever made

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Discover hidden delights and intricate details from your entire record collection with our newest addition - Kandid. 40 years on from the introduction of our Sondek LP12 turntable, it's our best sounding cartridge to date.

When we set out to make Kandid our key aims were to reduce resonance, lower distortion and increase output over its already exceptional predecessor - Akiva.  You only have to listen to Kandid to see that we’ve been successful with our mission.

With no cartridge housing, Kandid has been stripped back to expose the motor assembly, resulting in an even purer, cleaner sound - making your vinyl sound better than ever before.

We’ve significantly improved cartridge performance by using plastic instead of metal for the front yoke screw.  This eliminates any magnetic interference to the delicate coils, reducing the overall weight of the cartridge, allowing the counterweight to be moved closer to the bearing point giving a quicker reaction to changes in the vinyl.

Repositioning of the stylus and cantilever within the cartridge body means Kandid can achieve the most accurate audio reproduction yet. The angle of the magnets and coil in the front pole piece has been off-set so that the stylus is parallel when the record is playing which ensures perfect alignment for precise movement on the record.

Kandid is the perfect partner for our Ekos SE tonearm.  The chassis is machined from the same aircraft grade aluminium as the Ekos SE headshell and features our 3-point mount for completely rigid and precise coupling with the tonearm.

Hear from our expert

Learn more about Kandid from our expert as Linn Product Designer, David Williamson, tells us why Kandid sounds so much better.

Try Kandid

Kandid is currently available from a limited number of Linn Turntable Specialists - find a Kandid LP12 Klinik near you. Audition Kandid and bring your deck along on the day to get expert advice on how you can upgrade your turntable and enjoy even better sound.

If your retailer is not on the list, contact them to find out when they’ll have Kandid available for demonstration.