Experience a new level of speaker performance with Akubarik

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It’s here! The loudspeaker you’ve been waiting for! Experience an entirely new level of performance with Akubarik - our newest loudspeaker offering a simple design with intense sound.

Producing a precise, clean sound with lots of rich, deep bass, Akubarik boasts a host of innovative technologies, including developments previously only found in our top of the range Klimax system, letting you enjoy exceptional stereo playback from everything you listen to at home.

Akubarik offers fully Aktiv amplification, housed in one beautifully curved and compact cabinet, so you can enjoy the best sound without the need for a combination of separate amplifiers. All you need to do is add an Akurate DSM and you’ll have an incredible sounding music system.

Read about Akubarik’s pioneering technical advancements in detail and learn why it sounds so much better.

Be sure to come along to one of our Akubarik Launch nights and hear the difference for yourself. We have venues across the UK and Europe and there are more coming up.