Linn Home: The Ultimate Demo Experience

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Located in the heart of the Linn factory is Linn Home. This bespoke open plan living space played host to Ian Kirkby (Design Director, Lewis Design Agency) and friends recently with a very unique audio experience - a factory tour and private lunch all wrapped with the ultimate Linn demo.

Recounting his experience Ian explained:

 “I had always gone through the years thinking that getting close to a Linn system was the stuff of dreams so to have the opportunity to listen to the best and latest equipment in the perfect setting was the chance of a lifetime. Everything about the day was special from the personal attention, the trip around the facility - which gave us an insight into the level of detail and dedication that goes into the making of every part of a Linn system - through to the Home, the amazing food and listening experience itself.


All in all, a day that will live long in my memory and if I had the chance I would tuck my desert island disks under my arm and do it all again. An audio experience like no other, thank you.”

We love having visitors at Linn, so if you’d like to demo some of our products - from our award-winning network music players to the iconic LP12 turntable - or fancy a private dining experience with the best soundtrack then get in touch, you’ll be very welcome.