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The wait is over! Our new Akurate Exakt system is now available to audition at a Linn Specialist near you.

Combining elegance and superb sound quality, Akurate Exakt uses the same ground-breaking Exakt technology found in our flagship Klimax Exakt system.

Building on Linn DS, Exakt technology radically improves audio performance, pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the speaker, keeping the signal digital and only converting to analogue at the last possible stage. This eliminates the sources of unwanted noise and distortion found in traditional hi-fi systems and allows you to enjoy a far more faithful reproduction of the original recording. It’s the most direct connection that’s ever been made between the artist and listener.


Every Akurate Exakt system is personalised just for you and your home, ensuring the best possible sound quality no matter the dimenisons of your room, your furnishings or the position of your speakers. So like your home, your system is unique to you.

Book a demo at one of our expert Linn retailers or join us at a Launch Event and experience how incredible Akurate Exakt sounds for yourself.