Kazoo: Fun & Easy To Play

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Take control of everything you listen to on your Linn music system with our new app, Kazoo.

Fast and easy music browsing

Kazoo offers a simple and easy way to browse all the music in your home, no matter where it’s stored. Turn your iPad into a visual and intuitive controller and flick through all your album artwork with fast and easy access. 

Album view


Artists view

Artist View 525x.png

Genres view

Genre View 525x.png

Classical music browsing

Kazoo provides a separate section for classical lovers, making it easy to browse and search by composer*.

Classical view



Kazoo’s fast and simple search function* also allows you to hunt quickly for any album, artist or track in your collection.

Search view


Music in any room

Playing music from multiple rooms couldn’t be easier. From one screen you can group rooms together, synchronise zones and control the volume throughout your home.

Grouping rooms together

group rooms 525x.png

Master control of all the rooms in your home

multi room volume control 525x.png

Kazoo is available now for iPad, Mac and Windows operating systems.

* Kazoo’s search functionality and classical section require use of Kazoo Server (formerly Songbox)